Holloway publishes their new comprehensive B2B Syllabus with 100+ resources you need to learn the ins and outs of sales, including the CSO Insights blog https://t.co/t1VetPFbuF

Buyers are more informed than ever. Commercial Perspective Selling helps you provide insight that they can't uncover on their own. Register for this upcoming #webinar to learn more. #sales #b2b #business https://t.co/ZMjs0wHTUU

You can't rely on The Challenger Sale's one-size-fits-all #sales approach to satisfy different buyers' specific needs. #selling #b2b #business https://t.co/EyJzqMlnzM

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Data by itself is meaningless and useless. Without the context for what you want to use it for, you won’t be clear on what analysis to compile with the available data. Your sales data strategy can provide that context https://t.co/vXzybmSwj0

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