Lens on Research and Innovation – explore the breadth and impact of the EPSRC portfolio << interactive visualisation of UK-funded research in engineering & physical sciences https://t.co/GOaeSOftmo

The rise and fall of the U.S. pharmaceutical chemical maker << interesting review of changes in the US marketplace https://t.co/IprDd7Q4Wj

Talent: Sales Transformation’s Missing Element << "Sales talent, the people resources within a sales organization as characterized by their aptitudes and abilities, is increasingly a pain point for sales leaders" https://t.co/yoMHo5G2uf

Why the move to a self-service culture must be handled carefully and reviewed frequently << "Self-service options cannot be used as an excuse to neglect customer service training and coaching" https://t.co/mLxHrTepnp

What A Car Ad Tells Us About Death By PowerPoint And The Presentation Holy Trinity << "ask yourself one simple question: what is it you want your audience to remember? Your message or your PowerPoint smarts?" https://t.co/3ynfWmnU8C

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